Avast ye, scurvy dogs!

Join Captain Barbacteria, the most infectious pirate ever to sail the blood vessels, on his most dangerous (and only) adventure of his life, as he sets sail to conquer the entire human body to finally become the legend he always wanted to be!
. . .or does he?

Also maybe find a dolphin or two.

All hands hoay! Heave Ho!

What good is a microorganism’s legend with no one to tell the tale? Luckily for our capitain he doesn’t need to work for his fans, he can just make his OWN fans! Just go to any spot that seems weak and send one of your fans to gather some recognition for you. Thank goodness for replication!

But be careful, if you lose all your fans your legend will be gone with them!

Who needs six pounders with these mateys?

They may be our captain’s fans, but that doesn’t mean they can’t fight! as Barbacteria´s loyal subordinates, they are happy to protect his captain from anyone who tries to harm him, and follow his every order, even if that means puting themselves at risk, they would even die for his captain!

. . .Which is the most probable outcome, since our capitain forgot to bring cannonballs. . .

Splice the mainbrace!

With every adventure, our captain’s fame grows bigger, and more fame means more fans!
Some fans have different abilities than others, get them all to overcome all the obstacles in your path!

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